IBH Values & Guidelines

IBH started as a simple directory to discover insurgent brands in India. Each brand page on IBH has details on themes, spaces and people behind the brand. The objective of a broad yet concise profile was to give consumers like us a better view of the brand. Many IBH regulars wrote to us and shared their feedback and suggestions. From these conversations came the idea of having reviews for brands. We ran a poll to gauge interest, and we were pleasantly surprised that quite a few members were inclined to share their experiences. So, now we want to build a community-led, independent review platform for insurgent brands.

The objective of the reviews is to help consumers discover new brands, support new ideas and offer feedback to improve and help the founders bring better products to market.

We're aware that building a good reviews platform can be challenging. So we're steps to ensure that trust is at the core of everything we do. We want to share certain design decisions and guidelines that will get us started. Based on community feedback, we will keep revisiting these to improve and make them more effective.

  1. Real People - People trust other people, so we require reviewers to verify themselves before getting started. We’re starting with mobile phone verification, but we will continue to build this piece to ensure that reviewers are genuine.
  2. Not moderated - Reviews once submitted are published instantly—no moderation or approval. Neither IBH nor the brands have any control over the reviews. We do not rank the reviews in any other than chronological.
  3. Affiliations - Communities are built on trust, so we need reviewers to disclose any association with the brand. Sharing about their affiliation will bring forth any biases the reviewers might hold.
  4. Better Design - Reviews have to be more than a star-rating and open text box. Our review template encourages the reviewers to write a more balanced take on the brand. We don’t allow reviews to edit reviews, but we will enable them to add and edit, not change their recommendation. The original views on the brand always stay for reference.

What do we expect from our reviewers?

  1. Transparency - We want real people to share their views. So we require the reviewers to complete their profiles and verify their mobile phones. We also request our reviewers to share their affiliations with the brand honestly. The system, of course, does not accept reviews from unverified accounts.
  2. Honesty - Write reviews based on their personal experience using the brand. We hope the reviews to be constructive in their criticism and share how the brands can improve. Of course, not every purchase meets expectations. We will strive hard not to become a grievance redressal platform.
  3. No Promotions - Sure, employees and investors can be fans and share their personal experiences with everyone with any promotional content. IBH does not have any ad product and will not build one.
  4. No Trolling - One of the things IBH spotlights is the people behind the brands. People like us build this stuff, so we will not tolerate trolling or name-calling in the community. We don’t want to criticise brands but to support new ideas, explore new themes and encourage more brands to hit shelves.

We will continuously monitor reviewer profiles and their content on IBH, and any piece that goes against the above guidelines will be removed.

The reviews are a public good and are available to all consumers and brands.

For the brands

IBH is an independent platform to discover, review and support insurgent brands. IBH is not only for consumers to learn from fellow consumers but a platform for brands to engage with the consumers and learn from them. The reviews data is free for all and will remain so. It’s a public good.

We invite brands to claim their page and share information that will enable us to keep your data up to date.

Have feedback for us? Please write to feedback@insurgenthunt.com or directly to raghav@insurgenthunt.com