About Insurgent Brand Hunt

IBH is a byproduct of Insurgent Brand News , a Substack on insurgent brand and CPG landscape in India. Writing about brands meant discovering, exploring, buying and trying some of the insurgent brands. Before long the list was too big for an excel sheet. IBH is an attempt to share a repository of growing brands and also provide fellow consumers a platform to share their experiences.

Discovering Insurgents

The insurgent brands are just getting started. What we see on the retail shelf is a reflection of our lifestyle, the brands per se are just innovating on our behalf. But there is a problem, clutter. Discovery is increasingly becoming a challenge for both the brand and the consumer. Social Media? Yes, but social platforms look more like handheld billboards, and that's no good. E-commerce? This is the primary mode of discovery these days, but the clutter is unbearable - sponsored links, ads, machine recommendation etc. So let's build a directory, IBH? Well, another online directory is not an answer. IBH starts with simple discovery or brands but there is more to come.


IBH is also intended to be a community of consumers to share more about brands resonate with them. Hence the "hunt". Still early days. Suggestions and comments are welcome, please write to feedback@insurgenthunt.com or raghav@insurgenthunt.com. We will be adding more community features, so share your inputs.