December 24, 2020

Insurgent Brand Hunt Update #3

Welcome to the last update of 2020 🎉. Wish 2021 brings you a lot of fun and freedom. Coming to this update, happy to share that brand count on IBH is now 269 and of course counting. Here are some highlights of the update:

  • Thirty more brands surfaced.
  • Close on the heels of pet parenting; we see a rising number of plant moms and dads - we came across some house plant brands, see below for to sample some brands. Fuelled by this trend, we can see many plant care apps pop in the app store.
  • Human-grade, fresh food for pets sees some green shoots - there is more coming up in this space.  
  • India might skip the ceramic cookware craze and go to old school cast-iron and brass (we covered PTal in the last update). While this update covers one brand but future updates will have more coming up.

Insurgent Brand Hunt

IBH is an attempt to share a repository of growing brands and also provide fellow consumers with a platform to share their favourite brands with the world. IBH is also intended to be a community of consumers to share more about brands resonate with them. Hence the "hunt".

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