December 9, 2020

Insurgent Brand Hunt Update #2

One more month and 2020 is done (🤞🏼on vaccine). Happy to bring you update #2 of Insurgent Brand Hunt. We now have a total of 231 brands and counting. Here are some highlights of the update:

  • 31 new brands added with this update. Food and Pantry continue to dominate - check out from baby food to gourmet cookies.
  • More farm-centric brands, we cover Conscious Food, The Milagro and Ishka Farms in this update. Access to quality produce enabling farms to bring clean brands to retail shelf.
  • Expect more action in Home Cleaning - check the non-toxic, biodegradable home cleaning products.
  • Beverages continue to be an active, four more brands discovered. Check RasKik, an interesting twist on coconut water.

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Insurgent Brand Hunt

IBH is an attempt to share a repository of growing brands and also provide fellow consumers with a platform to share their favourite brands with the world. IBH is also intended to be a community of consumers to share more about brands resonate with them. Hence the "hunt".

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