April 18, 2021

Insurgent Brand Hunt Update #7

Stay safe and mask up! Not the kind of 2021 we wanted, but we have to power through somehow. I hope this update works as a distraction - bringing you 25 interesting brands 🎉🎉 the total IBH coverage is now 395 brands. Please note, brands without proper founder details, location details etc., are recorded but not listed.

Here are some highlights of the update:

  • One more milk brand, Happy Tales. In the previous updates we saw more such brands. What explains this trend? Well, one way is it look at milk as a gateway product. The customer segment selects itself and the brand can move on to build a non-dairy lines. The playbook - enter the consumer basket as a farm-based milk brand, establish trust and then expand the share of the basket. Country Delight is building and executing this playbook. ID has done something similar with batter.
  • Spice is a hard category to build, but we have insurgents making in-roads - check Fairer Foods and Paushtik in this update. Consumer awareness and improved farms enable the new age brands. A transparent brand benefits both the farmer and the consumer.
  • Some vertical speciality coffee brands are building coffee platforms - a three-party ecosystem to coffee estates, cafe entrepreneurs and coffee experts. There are quite a few vectors of innovation in coffee, so expect many more brands to hit the retail shelf. But unlike instant coffee, speciality coffee works better when consumed with a fortnight of roasting [Free Tip :)]

That's all for this update :)

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Insurgent Brand Hunt

IBH is an attempt to share a repository of growing brands and also provide fellow consumers with a platform to share their favourite brands with the world. IBH is also intended to be a community of consumers to share more about brands resonate with them. Hence the "hunt".

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