COVID-19 India Resources + Donation Links


INDIA COVID RESOURCES - List of verified organizations that accept both domestic and international payments. Donate generously.

Resources - Seek Help, Volunteer

COVID KHOJ - Single source of all of the contacts, so you can get to the right person in time with a high confidence that the source has been crowd-sourced and verified.

INDIA SHIELD - National COVID-19 resources, hourly verified, doctors directory, volunteer drive and support groups

COVID FIGHT CLUB - Crowdsourced resources to fight COVID across India. Find oxygen, plasma, hospital beds and more.

COVID INDIA RESOURCES - Up-to-date availability and contact information of pan-India crowdsourced COVID resources.

COVID BEDS INDIA - Map visualisation of hospital bed availability across India.

BOUNCE COVID BEDS BANGALORE - Map visualisation of hospital bed availability across Bangalore. Created by Bounce.

COVID HOSPITAL DATA DELHI & BANGALORE - Map visualisation of hospital bed availability across Delhi and Bangalore. Only Government data.

VOLUNTEER, SEEK HELP, MEALS - Socially verfied links by Shashank Mehta

INDIA COVID SOS - We are a volunteer group of scientists, clinicians, engineers, policy-makers and epidemiologists from the global community engaged in supporting the fight against COVID-19 in India.

COVID CARE GOA - Crowdsourced resource website for Goa.

GOA COVID EMERGENCY WHATSAPP GROUP - Invite link to the Goa COVID-19 emergency support request.

VERIFIED COVID LEADS - Volunteer-led initiative to enable access to verified leads to oxygen, plasma, ambulance, medicine and food.

COVID HELPER LOCOBUZZ - All-India repository of resources crowdsourced from social media.

COVID HELP KOLKATA - Verified leads for multiple resources in Kolkata. Managed by Indusnet Foundation.

Below volunteer group is working for Tamil Nadu exclusively.


COVID MEALS FOR INDIA - Find a meal or register as a meal provider

COVID MEALS [Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi] - Home-cooked and other meals for COVID patients in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi


STUDENTS AGAINST COVID - Alumni of top foreign universities will help you in exchange for a donation


INDIA VACCINE - Volunteer-led initiative to make it easy to locate vaccination centers - crowdsourced. Calling volunteers.

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